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The conch shell is an enduring symbol.  Many look to it as a tool marking the beginning, a most simply portayed sequence. The same sequence that is found all throughout nature over and over again, in varying ranges of complexity. Others see it as a call to action, announcing there is time for a change. It is said that change must come from within, but endurance to reach your goal takes continued courage, much like the stepping spirals in a conch shell. 

It is for these reasons and more that we chose to be named The Conch Center for Change.

Through this name we hope to bring you peace and joy on your journey. Whether that be mental or physical needs, we wish to make the change long lasting and renewable. No, we won't fix the surface and say "see you next time". Together, YOU and The Conch Center for Change will shape your life into the goodness that you seek. It is within reach, and we will help you get there!

geri, founder of conch center for change
Geri, Founder of The Conch Center for Change

The Conch Center for Change was founded by Geri in 2008 and has continued to grow ever since. She finds a passion in connections and feels her purpose is to help those around her be all they can become. Geri herself changed her life around years ago, and learned just how important support and direction are, especially on the tough days. The Conch Center for Change is here for you.

Allow us to help you along your journey!